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Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Azadi- The Freedom "Azadi"- The Freedom [04:24 min] Maharaji speaks in Hindi to people in India advocating the voice of the heart calling out for freedom, and peace. He talks of ultimate freedom, which can be felt even in the darkest prison. We may think that we are are free, since we are not jailed. But heart says "NO. You need to earn that Freedom. Real Freedom is when you experience your inner self!". We came empty handed, but we don’t need to go empty handed!
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Bharatpur, Rajasthan- 2014 Bharatpur, Rajasthan- 2014 [06:01 min] What is today, and what is tomorrow? Do you know how you're fooled in this world? Do you live today for tomorrow? If ever tomorrow comes, it'll come as today.
Where are hopes rested on? Tomorrow!
What do you worry about? Tomorrow.
What will finally come? Today.
You will live your whole life as today.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - I'm indebted to this breath I'm indebted to this breath [14:44 min] I've responsibilities and I carry them responsibly. But among all these responsibilities, I don't want to forget the responsibility in essence. If I'm indebted to someone, it is my breath. I'm indebted to this breath. If I can see, look, laugh, cry; it's all because this breath came into me. If I am inspired to look for God, it is because this breath came into me. If I've brother, sister and all other relations, it is because this breath came into me. If I've achieved something, it is because of this breath. The day it stops, nothing else will matter.
Your nature is to love this supreme joy. This is your nature and you can't change it. Your nature is to make this life a success. This is your nature.
Somebody asked me on how can I bring peace in this world? I gave him analogy of a football field. If you want to lighten up a football field, what do you need to do? Light the bulbs! All the bulbs have to be lit up. When the bulbs lighten up, so will stadium. This stadium is the world. People say this is impossible. May be it is, but let's try! If all our attempts are in vain, at-least we will know that it is not possible. But try is one thing I can do, and I'm trying.
People ask if I call myself a God. I say, Never. God is within me for sure. Just like he's within you. I'm a human being just like you are. Till the time one human doesn't learn to respect another, peace outside is not possible. And if you want to learn respecting, start by respecting yourself, your breath. Once you learn to respect yourself, you will respect others too.
People ask why am I doing this? Are you doing this for money? I say nope. Let me tell you why I'm doing this. When I received the gift of knowledge from my master, I liked it. And because I liked it, I'm spreading it to others. And I'm spreading it aloud with joy!
People ask what can I do? I can help you, that's all! And that too when you are willing to let me. People say, just give it to me. I say no, first understand your breath. And I don't say "come to me". I say "Quench your thirst, however way you can. If you are unable to, look me up!"
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Event at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh- 17th Nov 2009 Event at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh- 17th Nov 2009 [55:17 min] Kanpur is the ninth most populous city in India and the largest within the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the second largest city of the entire Hindi speaking belt only after Delhi. It was formerly known as the "Manchester of the East", and the economic capital of Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur is located on the banks of the river Ganga. On 17th November 2009, at an event held in Kanpur, Maharaji said,
Since I was young, I have been telling people how fortunate they are, because they have been given this gift of existence. And I am doing the same now. You may belong to any religion. You can still practice this knowledge, it does not matter whether you belong to this religion or that. If you want to go to heaven, experience the heaven in this life. If at all there is salvation, it is in this life that you can attain it. If you have still not discovered yourself, if you are still ignorant, then it is the biggest inauspicious thing that can happen to you. I can save you from this inauspiciousness. I can give you that knowledge, if you come to me with that sincerity. Whatever I give, I will give it as a gift from a human being to the other. Come from that sincere place within you.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Shanti Honi Chahiye Shanti Honi Chahiye [04:17 min] Maharaji talks on about Shanti (Peace). People usually have a preset mind about shanti being something to be thought about in old age. Maharaji talks about the shanti which needs to be in life, Now! Video has no subtitle, you wont find any help if unaware of hindi.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Youth Peace Fest 2014 Youth Peace Fest 2014 [06:28 min] In your life, try accepting that thing which is inside of you. I take this all across the world. What's the message?
That what you're looking for, is inside of you.
I don't just say it. If you want to experience peace, I can make it possible for you.
People say if it is so good, then give it now. But the point is, it is already inside of you. Then how do I give? You don't search for peace, you realize that you're human and hence it is inside of you. If you want to protect yourself from all the problems that you come across, then your foundation should be strong.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Pokhra, Nepal- 2014 Pokhra, Nepal- 2014 [05:34 min] There was an archer who used to showcase his skill town to town. He would shoot arrows after arrow in the center of the mark. Once he went to a village to perform. As people gasped in praise, a guy at the back, with a huge can of oil on his shoulder, would just say "Oh, that's just a matter of practice".
At the end of the show, archer caught, "What matter of practice do you keep talking of?" The oil-business man took out a coin from his pocket. The coin had a hole in it. He pours the whole of the oil through the hole of the coin without dripping a single drop outside. He looks up to archer, "Can you do this? I practice pouring oil, I'm expert in my field. You practice archery and you've mastered that."
And I've come to ask you, What do you practice?
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Kathmandu, Nepal- 2014 Kathmandu, Nepal- 2014 [04:54 min] To the person who is in peace, he has everything inspite of having nothing. If you're not in peace, you won't get proper sleep, you won't be able to enjoy anything in your life. Do you think hunger is only requirement for having food? No, peace is needed too. People who are restless, often don't eat even if they're hungry- they say, "I'm not in mood"!
Mann ke bahaut tarang hain
chhin chhin badle soye
Ek hi rang mein jo rahe
aisa birla koye!
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi, India Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi, India [31:11 min] Honorable Vice President of India, Bhairo Singh Shekhawat, expressed his surprised about the grandeur of the program "I cannot believe that so many people came on call for peace. But after seeing through my eyes, I believe that India and its citizens, and the brothers and sisters who have come from abroad, accept Maharaji's message from their heart and lead their life accordingly. I am glad that Maharaji, as messenger in this world for peace for last forty years, takes around such a beautiful message in everyone's life. This is really achievement in life. I wish to thank you for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to watch and listen Maharaji"

Maharaji:Everyone has heard about God, but no one actually knows him. If they had known God for real, then there would have been no killing in the name of the God. God- The one who exists inside every human being, you know about this in theory, but couldn't never find out for reality.
Is ghat andar baag bageeche!
Isi mein sehjan haara!!

Is ghat andar saat samandar!
Isi mein nau lakh taara!!

Is ghat andar parasmoti!
Isi mein parkhan haara!!

Is ghat andar anhad garze!
Isi mein uthat phuwara!!

Kehat kabir suno bhai saadho!
Isi mein saain hamara!!

People spend tremendous amount of money to make everyone merciful, so that they don't get angry. But think for a moment, when you are happy from within, don't you automatically become peaceful? When you are happy some day, you automatically become kind. If someone tries to come ahead of you in a cinema theatre line, you can beat him to death. But if you are in good mood, you will even give him the space to come ahead. Why is it so?

Unless there is peace inside, outside its only absurd. People say it is not possible to bring peace. But I know it is possible, because I'm reaching people one by one. Lamp has to be lit one by one. People get caught up in descriptions, and miss out the actual experience.
rahiman baat agam ki!
kaha suni ki naaye!!

dhan-dhan kahe jo dhani bane!
nirdhan rahe na koye!!
Shouting out "money money" doesn't make you any rich. Similarly, shouting "Peace Peace" doesn't bring peace.
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Science city auditorium Kolkata (Calcutta) Science city auditorium Kolkata (Calcutta) [41:00 min] Event was held in Calcutta (kolkata) in science city auditorium, primarily for college students. At the end of cheerful talk by Maharaji, students asked many questions to him. His rock solid answer with love only them gasping for more.

Q: Many of us are becoming spiritual in order to search peace of mind. Do you think we are becoming selfish, or is it some kind of divine planning?

A: Selfish is so relative! When we have the luxury of sitting somewhere. Then is it like selfish? If my action deprives somebody of something, then it selfish. But when I am going to discover myself, not the other person; who am I depriving of what? Secondly, the creator has given you gift of breath- Now give this to somebody else! You can't! Even if you want to, you can't. Is that selfish? It is NOT selfish. It is what it is. To search for yourself is not selfish, because you are not depriving anybody of anything.

Q: Maharaji, my question is "What is true joy, and how can we experience this in our life"

A: It is within you.
Aatam anubhav gyaan ki, jo koi pooche baat
So gunga gud khaaye ke, kahe kaun mukh swaad!

How can I describe the experience of knowledge. When I cannot explain you the taste of Kiwi Fruit, how can I explain you the feeling of Self-Knowledge! You have to experience it yourself. This is the possibility. That is why it is so exciting! This is not a philosophy. I have not come to say "do this and that", and then disappear. No. I am not here to give you give an hour lecture "You should find the God within you. Ok kid bye!"
"Nai, Main apne saare shubdon ke peeche hoon"- I backup up every word I say!
And that is what makes it so exciting. Around the world - Saare Sansaar ke andar, Main logon ko ye dikhata hoon, batata hoon, aur anubhav karata hoon (I show this to people, tell them, and also make them experience this)!