Bahia Z., Lebanon

I'm experiencing a feeling of fulfillment that is so beautiful I can't quite express it! I received Knowledge twenty-one years ago, but I still feel its impact as though it were yesterday. I have learned a lot in these years and am constantly learning more. I know that I will be learning as long as I am alive.

In these twenty-one years, many things have changed. Some have been good for me, and others have been hard on me. Maharaji's Knowledge has given me a shelter within— a shelter that is not affected by the outside world. This shelter allows me to feel peace, tenderness, and silence. It allows me to get a glimpse of heaven while the world is full of cruelty.

In my life, I have traveled from country to country, sometimes losing my sense of stability. I lost my husband, and recently, I even lost my only beloved son. Losing my son was the hardest trial to pass through, but even through this extreme sorrow, I have sensed fulfillment. I have been able to turn within and feel the peace and kindness I need. On the outside, some people see my tears, but on the inside, there is a powerful force that shelters me.

Before Knowledge, I had everything, and yet, I used to cry every day due to the emptiness in my heart. Now, when I have lost so much, Knowledge continues to fulfill me and allows me to attain the happiness, peace, and love I am so in need of. There are no words precious enough to describe the thanks I would like to express to Prem Rawat for giving me this wonderful and priceless gift of Knowledge. All I have to do is to remember every lovely breath and enjoy the amazing heaven inside of me.

— Bahia Z.

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