Lauren Evers- Burbank, CA, US

Lauren EversAs the CEO of Intellikey Labs, a DVD testing service based in Burbank, California, Lauren Evers is at the center of a firm experiencing hipergrowth. In 1996 Lauren and her future husband, Darrell, both worked in Time-Warner’s quality assurance program, creating quality standards for computer and DVD applications. Time-Warner had doubts about the future of its testing business and closed the quality assurance department. Darrell and Lauren thought otherwise and set up a testing service. They were able to turn their contacts with Sony, Paramount, Warner Bros., Disney, and Universal into permanent customers. Demand for DVD players and the disc-testing methodologies they employ have been recession proof, a boon to Intellikey, which tests thousands of master discs every month. Virtually no DVD reaches a consumer’s hands in the United States without its check disc having been vetted by Intellikey. Evers believes receiving self-knowledge has afforded a different kind of quality assurance— more like quality of life. In 2001 her husband, the love of her life as well as her business partner, died. Having received self-knowledge in 1997, she reckons, allowed her to cope and find strength.

When I first met Darrell, we both worked for Time-Warner. I knew there was something different about him. One day he returned from Miami beaming about an experience he had listening to Maharaji. I asked him to explain it to me, and that’s when he told me about self-knowledge and how much Maharaji had helped him in this pursuit. I remember thinking: “Darrell must be weak. Why does he need to depend on this person for guidance?” I was puzzled, but also curious. A month later, Darrell invited me to hear Maharaji speak in California. That evening, I became fascinated. I started listening to tapes of Maharaji’s addresses several times a week and discovered he was addressing some of the most profound questions I ever had. I began having new insights into my life, seeing it as a gift that I had never fully appreciated. I also realized that I had, in reality, expected Darrell, now my husband, to be the source of my entire happiness when, in fact, happiness was first to be found within myself.

When Darrell was diagnosed and soon died of cancer, I was devastated; but these last years have been a rich time as so much good has taken place. Through my practice of self-knowledge, I was able to see what happened as a gift and to remain at peace. I remember how differently I once saw things. At Time-Warner and earlier at Commodore Computer, I was a workaholic and judged myself on the approval of colleagues and superiors. I have come to realize that life isn’t about your success or failure in business, and yet success keeps manifesting for me.

Having self-knowledge has helped me discern what’s really important for me and how to work for it. For that, I am grateful.

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